The aim of the Claritas Fund Information Service is to help you to monitor the funds in your personal portfolio easily and without having to spend too much time. The service will enable you to evaluate the consistency of a fund's performance relative to other funds of its type, whilst being alerted to those funds which may be experiencing volatility or weaker investment performance. Using the information contained within these documents, you can decide whether to take action that could, ultimately, lead to significantly improved growth.

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The Claritas Information Reports make use of the detailed, up-to-date, information about you and your investment and capital preservation schemes contained on our database. This information is grouped and projected forward to provide you with easily understood reports. These reports are designed to facilitate both immediate understanding of your financial position, as a result of planning undertaken to date, and with our assistance accelerate the prioritisation and direction of available financial resources, towards attainable financial targets for the future.

How much does it cost?

Merlin Financial Consultants is remunerated for these services by means of a retainer fee. In addition to the above, the fee entitles you to access to your consultant at any time during the normal working week for those many small financial queries. Such enquiries might range from what is currently the best home for a short term deposit to what brand name of life assurance company now looks after the plan you invested in just a decade ago and now cannot trace. Many well known brand names have disappeared in recent years - The Phoenix, Provident Mutual, Confederation Life, Guardian Royal Exchange, to name a few.