The capacity to plan will normally depend upon either the continuation of current earned income or the preservation, in real terms, of capital already accumulated.

To protect against the reduction or ceasing of the income flow, we would recommend the provision of appropriate protection covers in the following areas:

Private Medical Expenses Cover to ensure as speedy a return to full health and the re-commencement of income generation as soon as possible, while enjoying the maximum level of comfort possible while incapacitated.

Provision of a Replacement Income or Capital Sum should a medical condition prove to be more serious or permanent.

The provision of sufficient financial resources into the correct hands at the appropriate time, by means of life assurance for those dependent upon you, should the collapse in health be terminal.

To protect accumulated capital, investment should be made with a view to achieving a spread of investment, thereby avoiding serious damage to your financial position as a result of failure in one area or sector. To ensure that the capital has the best opportunity of maintaining its value by keeping pace with or exceeding inflation over the longer term and not being diminished by taxation any more than necessary along the way.