The validity of having a current and regularly reviewed Will cannot be emphasised enough. Many issues of importance can be set down, avoiding any aspects of doubt over your intentions, from the identification of the guardians you would want for your children, to the precise distribution of your assets to your family, friends or charities.

We would always recommend the use of your own solicitor. However we can assist in providing agendas for items of consideration, making the briefing of your solicitor more precise and straightforward: if possible, it is best to keep things simple.

We have seen cases for review, particularly where remote executors e.g. banks are involved, where quite complex arrangements have been put into hand and at the end of the day have achieved no benefit for the clients. It is possible, with planning, to pass capital to those you would wish to benefit, tax efficiently. The review again is vital: a client with failing health returned recently from a long period overseas. His wife, a non-British National, was able, with our assistance, to reduce an inheritance tax liability from £107,000 to just £1400.